When passion rules the game, ideas rise to action

In the beautiful summer of 2018 we started a great journey in the Hague, the city where we live and which we truly love. Given our diverse background it first was an exploration of ideas, trends, but more importantly, discovering our universal passion.

The outcome of that discovery is Bistro La Cigogne, a place where we celebrate life. La Cigogne is French for a stork, the symbol of the Hague, ‘de ooievaar’ . Located on the Piet Heinstraat 97, in the heart of the Zeeheldenkwartier, our bistro delivers a new concept.

Our Team

Our chef ‘s food is predominantly French inspired, with a modern international twist, using seasonality to lead a menu that invokes memory and brings a narrative to each plate. Trained in France, he has more than 20 years of experience, lately at Café Emma in the Hague. As we care much about our environment we continually strive to source locally, reduce waste, and minimize our impact on the earth while simultaneously upholding quality levels of our menu.

Our Restaurant manager has great love of food and passion for people. He brings our guests a truly memorable experience to their tableside. His keen eye for detail, nurtured in different roles in France and the Hague, ensures the dining room is kept at its very best before, during and after service. In the background the team is complemented by our general manager, with unsurpassable organization and financial skills gained in the banking sector, who oversees the running of the restaurant from the finances to promotion to the floor.

Our Service

It’s all about sharing love for each other, enjoying great food, drinks, music and much more. La Cigogne is a contemporary culinary and wine destination where local and international guests meet. You can choose from the a-la-carte menu to a maximum of 9 guests. When you visit us with a larger party, we are more than happy to create a tailor-made menu for you. Just visiting us for drinks, or like us in the mood to celebrate, try our social bites menu.

Bistro Gallery

Menu à la Carte


Oesters – Fines de Claires, klassieke garnituur – ¼ of ½ dozijn

Fines de Claire oysters, classic garnish – ¼ or ½ dozen

€8,00 / €16,00

Plateau Charcuterie – selectie luxe vleeswaren

Charcuterie – selection of luxury meat cuts


Bouillabaisse met Rouille, croutons en Gruyère kaas

Bouillabaisse with Rouille, croutons and Gruyère cheese


Terrine van gegrilde groenten met tomatencoulis

Grilled Vegetables Terrine with tomato coulis (veg)


Dun gesneden eendenborst met appel en walnoten

Emincé of Duck breast with apple and walnuts


Gegrilde St Jacobsschelpen met aardappelrösti en saus van tijm

Grilled Scallops with potato pie and thyme sauce



Boeuf Bourguignon met puree van aardappelen en waterkers

Boeuf Bourguignon with mashed potatoes and watercress


Gegrilde bavette steak met gegratineerde aardappelen en Bearnaise saus

Grilled Bavette with gratin Dauphinois and sauce Bearnaise


Zeebaars filet met ‘Roseaca’ van courgette, tomaten en saus van venkel

Sea bream fillet with Rosacea of courgettes, tomatoes and fennel sauce


Groenten van het seizoen gevuld met couscous

Season Vegetables Petit Farci with couscous (veg)


Vangst van de dag

Catch of the day

Vraag naar onze overige vegetarische opties.

Ask for our additional vegetarian options.

dag prijs

Daily price


Traditionele Tarte Tatin met Vanille ijs

Traditional Tarte Tatin with Vanilla Ice cream


Moelleux au chocolat met ijs van gezoute caramel

Moelleux au chocolat with salted caramel ice cream


Tarte Citron Meringue

Citron Meringue pie


Plateau Fromage

Selection of farmhouse cheese


Plateau Fromage

Selection of mixed European cheese


Dessert du Jour

Chef’s dessert


Brood met tapenade & aioli

Bread with tapenade and aioli


Oesters – Fine Claires – 1/2 dozijn

Oysters Fine Claires – 1/2 dozen


Plateau Charcuterie pour 2

Luxury meat cuts for 2


Gegrilde bavette steak met bearnaise saus

Grilled Bavette with Bearnaise saus


Sint Jacobsschelpen met bloemkool

Scallops with cauliflower


Plateau Fromage pour 2

Selection of farmhouse cheese


Plat de Méditerranée

Selection of Mediterranean appetizers


Portie Geitenkaas Kroketjes

Goatcheese Croquettes



Croque Monsieur/Madame


Uitsmijter Bacon/Rosbief La Cigogne

Eggs with ham/roast beef and cheese La Cigogne


Rosbief met truffel mayonaise

Roasted Beef with truffle mayonaise


Gegrilde groenten met Provolone kaas

Grilled vegetables with Provolone cheese


Zalm met avocado en mierikswortel dressing

Salmon, avocado, salad green, horse radish


Soup & Salads

Soep van de dag (veg)

Soup of the day (veg) supplements 1.50


Guldehoen Caesar salade (bio)

Guldehoen ceasar salad (bio)


Salade met pompoen en geitenkaas

Pumpkin and goatecheese salad



Limousin hamburger met huisgemaakte frieten

Hamburger Limousin beef with homemade fries


Fish and chips van kabeljouw filet

Cod Fish and Chips


Quiche van de dag (veg)

Quiche of the day (veg)



Cake van de dag

Cake of the day

dag prijs

day price

Koffie of Thee met “Hop & Stork” chocolatier

Coffee or Tea with “Hop & Stork” chocolatier


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